May 30, 2009

The most funny thing, that I colored it by the make up!!
mostly by the eye shadow
it seems to be not clearly colord just shadowed by pincle, but I'm afraid it needs to by more shining

May 25, 2009

May 23, 2009

Today, nothing can bother me

No colors, but you can do it by urself

That day I was dissappointed
I hoped to live in another world, and those people cannot be there
that world can be brought only by my imagination
out of sadness
After very long and boring day in the university
I returned home back , with the need of (distcharging) all what I've got of bad feelings
and ofcourse, this is the way
This is my language
I hate words, its not enough to describe my feelings
this is the only way
by my hand
Let start to express my self here...
in this moment, there is a rose smell that is around me, it gives me alot of happieness
thats great feeling
Its all after very long day, that force me to this point...nothing so great about me..its just little drawings, that are created by my feeling and emotions from my heart, this is the only way that I throw away the bad thoughts by..little, and very simple...but I love that